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Why Australian Bands Are Ruling Modern Indie

October 30, 2019
Australian culture seems to have a knack of becoming hugely fashionable every few years, besides being home to one of the oldest cultures on Earth. Known for its laidback lifestyle, beaches and barbecues, bone-dry sense of humour, it’s clear that there’s a lot more going on in this country. Many people kno...

Rolling Stones New Scheduled Dates for Australian Shows

May 30, 2014
The Rolling Stones have confirmed Oct 25 to Nov 22 as the rescheduled dates for their Australian Tour. The tour will take them through Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Auckland, Brisbane, and Victoria’s Hanging Rock. The band’s site confirmed that dates for each city will be released once the sche...

The Tambourine Girls – “Plastic Eyes”

Psychedelic Folk
February 6, 2023
Hypnotizing with its hazy psychedelic folk sound, “Plastic Eyes” is a standout new track from Australian band The Tambourine Girls. Taking inspiration from the writings of Henry Miller, the track’s lyrics seemingly reflect the importance of individuality and freedom, especially when set a...

The Walking Who – “Halloween on Christmas”

January 27, 2023
The moody rocker “Halloween on Christmas” compels with its intertwining of plucky post-punk rhythms, restrained vocals, and eerie synth/guitar interplay. The track is a memorable success from The Walking Who, the project of Australian artist Rohin Brown. A steady incline of buzzing guitars embr...

Photo by James Stevenson. Edited by Harry Stranger.

Meadow Argus – ‘Dancing Through A Slow Apocalypse’ EP

Albums & EPs
January 21, 2023
Dancing Through A Slow Apocalypse is a new EP from Australian act Meadow Argus, the project of musician Jevan Cole. Strutting an inventive and psychedelic vein of folk and rock, the project enamors throughout the EP, whose themes “address the very personal issues that we were all forced to face durin...

R. F. Coleman – “Crazy For You”

December 23, 2022
Australian artist R. F. Coleman captivates with the stylish pop success “Crazy For You,” following up his debut single “I Couldn’t Trust.” Eerily suave keys and charismatic vocals lead an enticing arsenal throughout the track, touted as “a feel-good sing-along, to remind you o...

An Essential Guide To Audio Recording Equipment From Vintage King Audio

December 8, 2022
Every music aficionado musician dreams of having a studio complete with sophisticated equipment to record crisp sounds every time. Renting a studio can sometimes be very laborious and time-consuming as you need to haul most of your equipment and set it up, which can be a risk of damage affecting your equip...

People Taking Pictures – “People On Your Level”

Psychedelic Pop
December 6, 2022
Compelling with a woozy, hypnotic psychedelic sound, “People On Your Level” is a recent single from People Taking Pictures, a band from Perth, Australia. Playful synths and whispered vocals ascend into a more immediate form, with the title-referencing refrain immersing amidst a dazed bass line ...

ElectroMagneticPulse – “AWAKEN” (video)

Lo-Fi Pop/Rock
November 29, 2022
? The newly released video for “AWAKEN,” the moody psychedelia track from Australian artist ElectroMagneticPulse (EMP), captures a sense of otherworldly brooding. A fireside ceremony of sorts is accompanied by surreal images evoking life and death, as well as the chaos of life. The visual accom...

Cigarillo – “Bacon and Eggs”

November 11, 2022
Sounding like a lost cut from Blur’s classic album Parklife, “Bacon and Eggs” is a hooky delight from Cigarillo, the project of Marc Garnett (Brighton, Australia) and Ben White (Brighton, England). The track comes via their forthcoming album, Deodorant, out on November 18th. Described as ...